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Change – it is all that we do…

I am on a mission of change. This website hosts my perspectives on change – and why I consider all intended change as a project.

We are all project orientated – intent on change. It is what makes the human condition unique. Every project we interface with, but fail to see, reveals risk – as conflicting goals.

What follows is an ongoing enquiry. Can our modelling of projects be linked, to better guide all scales of intended change?

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Trust issues with contracts

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January 2022


MSc Dissertation

Back on 25th Jan

It’s exam frenzy season here. Three subjects in three days, plus one more further exam the week after. Looking forward to regular posting on here again soon.

Home Alone

Festive thanks – offline for a few days Heartfelt thanks to everyone subscribing to my blog. Wishing you all the best of holiday breaks. And best wishes to friends old and new for supporting, sharing, engaging to make distances not so far in lockdown. And my wider network for all manner of project and psychologicalContinue reading “Home Alone”

Yule – 21st December

Welcoming the new light As power is handed from old, onto the new Oak King. Or the ushering in a new season of light, as the pagans celebrate morning. Germanic tribes of old would celebrate the Hunt. Traditions that signify prudence towards a winter growing bold. Moving green into the house. Bundled grain hung fromContinue reading “Yule – 21st December”

Good law project

More news here than in the news Quick blog to flag this project. A project that seems to be filling a gap in our visibility, addressing behaviours seemingly of importance to us all, and addressing questions of trust. {here}

49 not out

Birthday meeting today was strictly business 18th December It was all by the rules. My 49th birthday celebrated in the same manner as the year before. Let them eat cake. Because, as we all know, celebrating is a luxury event that is less important than saving lives. Just think: this time last year there wasContinue reading “49 not out”

Antibodies or wider immunity response?

A few quotes of hope if you score poorly on antibody tests. Documents links attached. Less likely to be relevant to the immunity-suppressed (like my wife) but some useful information here for others. people with low levels of antibodies do still appear to be sufficiently protected, particularly against severe disease There is wider immunityContinue reading “Antibodies or wider immunity response?”

100 posts

Time, cost, or quality Existence before essence. With over one hundred blogs offered I’m revisiting some basic principles of priority. The natural emergence of my blog topics seems to be me a key part of my process. I still have much to say. Much to read. Much to do. My research will carry me through.Continue reading “100 posts”

Covid-19 links

Media reporting is still woeful. So here are a few links to sites offering better insight. Links to data embedded in graphics {here} Dr John Campbell 5 min interview {here} Additional info for clinically vulnerable {here} KBO as Churchill would have said

Project Chatter #99

Time-bound intended change Podcast appearance here. My thanks to Project Chatter. And to Paul Goodge, who never disappoints. I like to think the thread of my argument is consistent. I like to think my research, consulting, and personal perspectives align. The shared discussion in this podcast was enlightening for me. I make no claims toContinue reading “Project Chatter #99”

Excuse my ignorance

Einstein’s curse My meditative practice this morning turned into a lingering abstraction over breakfast. A trap of thought I needed to write down in order to unwind. As a release of tension, or as indigestion. Both may suit. Consider this a musing. A diary entry or placeholder. A journal entry that escaped. That he wasContinue reading “Excuse my ignorance”


Being more via dialogue – through meaning The weekend starts here. Last weekend was all flu jabs and Moderna boosters, grumps and study deadlines looming. This weekend starts with new business about to begin, all university deadlines met with my best efforts offered, and a really enjoyable “riffing” session via Project Chatter today (recorded episodeContinue reading “Dialogos”

Extremely vulnerable please heed this

Vaccination is not guaranteed protection Not my story. Not my newspaper. But it is the warning no one seems to want to know. Here Check whether you are protected. Don’t assume. Maybe Boris can address this 300,000+ people problem…

Dialogue in writing

The privileged few There is a rarified privilege to be had when in dialogue with the dead. Much as there is rarer still notion of talking to those yet to be born. The written word offers that communication chance.

My Smartphone’s iHuman

Don’t look down 5 hours today. That’s how much time I spent on my iPhone. 30 minutes timing my meditation and preps. 90 minutes tonight listening / watching YouTube videos for study. 30 minutes of standing idle (still on never lock). 60 minutes in notes (including this one). 90 minutes networking and communication. Pretty standardContinue reading “My Smartphone’s iHuman”

Mentally healthy

What’s going on in there? ‘tis the season to be jolly. La la la la … meh Depressions can build to breaking point this time of year. Our tree went up yesterday but it did little to lift my cheer. I reminded myself of some basics tonight, and have opted to link to the resourcesContinue reading “Mentally healthy”

A weekend short story

Peace in our time A weekend blog. A short-story fiction of sorts. In my leisure time I consider Arthur C Clarke wrote some of the best. I think his legacy is safe… It seems to me that a universal truth holds. That when explorers set forth into the unknown – enabled by advancements in civilisationContinue reading “A weekend short story”


History repeating I wanted to research Thanksgiving with some depth tonight, but I’m midway through an university experiment write-up that is not going to thank itself. So, here’s the best resource I found as I worked through the many 400 year anniversary tributes. {here} I will confess to finding the underlying sentiment more worthy ofContinue reading “1621”

Read what I say

Cognitive Psychology – language forum week 2 Is written word and what is heard cognitively comparable in any way? This is a question I’m offering to my forum to unpack this week. Generating spoken word This week our cognitive psychology is exploring word production in verbal exchange. We are marvelling at the speed of theContinue reading “Read what I say”

Daily meds

A daytime moon. My unblue moon A blog to present a glimpse of 12 minutes of my day. A metta[1] start to the day for me.  I performed this practice “eyes open”. I now know this to be a less unusual practice than I had thought (see this article). But this morning was my firstContinue reading “Daily meds”

Mind your language (part 3)

Part 3, wider observations Children learn to understand speech and engage in speech themselves very easily (in most instances) simply through mere exposure. However, visual word recognition is something that begins with the child being explicitly taught the symbols (e.g., letters…and eventually words) that will later be recognized. Given that these statements are true, whatContinue reading “Mind your language (part 3)”

PhD and me

Beginnings of a parallel project PhD and me. I’m adding this category to my blog series. Not that I feel any expertise to yet share. But that’s the point, perhaps. This is a journey from novice beginnings… What is the reality of preparing for a PhD? What does naïve look like in a middle-aged man?Continue reading “PhD and me”


In Flanders’ fields the poppies blow… Royal British Legion – Remembrance in their words The poem that inspired the wearing of the poppy In Flanders Fields In Flanders’ fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place: and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below. WeContinue reading “Remembrance”


What’s the last best thing you read? Write about why you loved it, or why it stuck with you. Medium is a blog site. They have just started a writing hour, where you just log on to sit with other writers, each silently at their craft. Options are made available as a response to aContinue reading “@Medium”

Gunpowder Plot

Gunpowder, treason and plot; I see no reason why gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot.

Why the Williams’ Inquiry must not narrow its Horizons

Originally posted on Lawyer Watch:
Our latest submissions (Working Paper 4) to the Horizon Inquiry on Horizon is up on the Lab site. It responds to the Williams’ Inquiry raising 4 issues about the scope of its work which suggests that someone (the Chairman? Post Office??) thinks Second Sight’s Investigations; legal work on civil and…

Motivation vs coercion

Shared goals, or carrots and sticks? This blog continues the examination motivation. Social psychological theories on how motivation determines behaviour. Self-determination theory presents the case for suboptimal impact of motives born from persuasion. Materials cited are sourced from: Ryan, RM., Deci, EI.  2000 “Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development and wellbeing”Continue reading “Motivation vs coercion”

Making sense

Sensemaking – a contemporary reminder of the importance of culture, context, and creative thought when making sense of human interactions

Living without free will

Biology, behaviourism, control v | b | t This is a completely different argument of how behaviour can be addressed. It sits in conflict to the ordering of cause and effect I have reflected upon elsewhere. Visibility of this difference an important part of future assessment needs. As an address of behaviour however, it hasContinue reading “Living without free will”

Show and tell

A trickster mask unpacked This is how I created the Trickster image that ends each of my blog entries. I also share some other work to emerge from the same learning journey this represents. I do more than just work and research from my desk… There is a dabble of psychology here. A reflection uponContinue reading “Show and tell”

Bad attitude

attitude is a hypothetical construct but offers one perspective towards behavioural assessment


Flow – from Csikszentmihalyi to Vervaeke – and what our projects can learn from both

Em-pathetic leadership

Is empathy the first leadership quality to nurture in us all? In this blog, I argue that both misery and empathy love company. But that does not mean the Company should blindly love more empathy, or assume misery is therein opposed. This blog is inspired by a response I posted on LinkedIn this weekend. AimedContinue reading “Em-pathetic leadership”

The road ahead

Let’s hope for driverless cars, if these are our choices A critique of Keir Starmer’s vision of where Labour is headed under his leadership. I love a good essay. Once the most eloquent way to present an account. A reasoned version of a truth. Some of the most captivating narratives of the English speaking worldContinue reading “The road ahead”

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