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Change – it is all that we do…

I am on a mission of change. This website hosts my perspectives on change – and why I consider all intended change as a project.

We are all project orientated – intent on change. It is what makes the human condition unique. Every project we interface with, but fail to see, reveals risk – as conflicting goals.

What follows is an ongoing enquiry. Can our modelling of projects be linked, to better guide all scales of intended change?

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December 2022


MSc Dissertation


💩 Cancel culture or a dirty protest 🪧 I suspect my decision to deactivate my Twitter account will be almost universally unnoticed. But occasionally it feels good to just severe ties. To see enacted sociopathic attitude, malevolent intentions, and belief so opposed to my own that it was time to pull the plug. Bye byeContinue reading “#twitterquitter”

blind to omens

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. An hour in mourning, or a longer PM? If omens are your thing maybe you have noted a partial solar eclipse over Westminster today. The photo image is a lunar eclipse 28th September 2015, but the eclipse effect similar to that seen today. If celebrations are your thing, maybeContinue reading “blind to omens”

empty name tag on black background

Random invites

Three reasons random invites fail, and why you should be worried if they succeed… This blog is prompted by a noted increase in the number of random invite connections received on LinkedIn this month. I love connecting with new people, but some basics can be identified which seem to offer a universal truth. visibility |Continue reading “Random invites”

Coaching more…

“…are your people empowered to spot quality issues, and the conditions that breed them, and speak up…?” Dave Stitt (2022) “Coach for results” A blog to briefly congratulate Dave Stitt on a book worth a place on the desk of any construction manager (and people managers everywhere). Coach for Results : Empower your people toContinue reading “Coaching more…”

PhD and lucky me

My application story – first time lucky 🍀 A blog summary of what the PhD application process looked like for me. I promised a little more detail on the application process. So here it is. Just a little. Firstly, if you are here to read about how to approach a PhD: try here instead. ThanksContinue reading “PhD and lucky me”

PhD and me – and mine

We are all migrants of somewhere This insight arrived this morning in my inbox 📨. An insightful opinion piece from Sarah Haider, entitled “poor by choice is not poor” {here}. We are living their legacy Sarah focus’ on the freedom of choice presented to third generation immigrants derived from the graft of their forebears. AndContinue reading “PhD and me – and mine”


Examining the wood from the trees Odd to think that in a few hours my attention will change so profoundly. As regular as this change is, I doubt I’ve ever really considered the knowing of its impending impact upon my experience of the now. It is exam day again. My last for quite a while.Continue reading “Focus”

PhD and me – I got in!!!

Leeds University, Civil Engineering Department, PhD Student (Oct 2022…) I am delighted, stunned, giggling like a child, as I confirm to this blog that I have now been formally selected to start a full-time, fully funded, PhD programme in October. Leeds University, Civil Engineering department, currently ranked second in the whole of the UK. OfferContinue reading “PhD and me – I got in!!!”

Friday 13th

Superstitious cognition, not sense The human brain is wired to predict future events based upon experience, and short-cut complexity with modelled approximations. It should be no surprise therefore that we read more into happenstance than we should. I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re sceptical Arthur C Clarke (maybe) Not that IContinue reading “Friday 13th”

Change control

…review structures and processes that could make a difference… Lindsay Hoyle – Speaker of the House This is a quote from today’s news. In my project world this kind of review is about matching the framework to the range of influence it intends to control. From the world of insuring construction projects I observe thisContinue reading “Change control”

PhD and me

Learning by doing I had to give this one a try. It came to my attention too late but I tried anyway. My first PhD proposal has now been submitted. Let the learning begin. Written in three days is not the ideal preparation. But as a forced period of solid focus and serious questioning ofContinue reading “PhD and me”

Safe seats

Letting sleeping dawgs lie 13th March 2020. 760 days of lockdown in our house today. 2nd May 2024. 751 days from today. The date of the next general election. So I guess we’re past halfway… 😤 😡 😠

Habits or chores

Sometimes my only habit is the opposite I wonder who else finds habits so hard to keep? At least keep for long. Routine for me is tedious, except if it is directing me toward a goal. I know some people who are quite the opposite, to whom the predictability of routine gives structure, comfort, andContinue reading “Habits or chores”

The sucker punch

Hidden malevolent intent Surprise attacks are effective because they take advantage of situational dissonance, i.e., actions by one party not anticipated by the other. Without offering much detail of events, I attempted to give this some thought across three media events that caught the headlines yesterday. A slap in the face Poison served as peaceContinue reading “The sucker punch”

Plato – The Republic

Still reflecting in Plato’s cave Essays not withstanding, I managed a revisit to Plato’s “The Republic” this weekend. This passage caught my eye: “the object of our legislation…is not the special welfare of any particular class in our society, but of the society as a whole; and it uses persuasion or compulsion to unite allContinue reading “Plato – The Republic”

Uncertain relations

My visibility | behaviour | trust in you My thanks to Chris Bragg for a line of questioning that prompting these prose; Jason Hier for promoting the dialogue from which I repeat my part in here; and Dinah Turner who generated the original visual prompt. All of which started {here}, a discussion on LinkedIn. MyContinue reading “Uncertain relations”

£Project debt

Comparing perspectives of key project actors Infrastructure Journal kindly invited me along for a chat on their podcast yesterday, due out next Monday {here}. I was invited to share my thoughts on the origins of risk. I squeezed much into a 20 minute slot. My principal method of fitting so much into that time wasContinue reading “£Project debt”


Writing practice : a short-story Milo hungrily accepts round two of breakfast. His feline tongue grateful for my intervention in the banquet. Human fingers stacking up the biscuits. Biscuits that have by now soaked up the remaining soup, all the tastier for it. Easier for a discerning nose to choose between, meandering over each smallContinue reading “iMapped”

v | b | t

visibility | behaviour | trust Someone very kindly asked me about v | b | t today. A chat ensued via DM on LinkedIn. A very welcome challenge or validation of an idea which I am still tentatively exploring. v | b | t is an experiment of sorts. It introduced itself to me asContinue reading “v | b | t”

Socially outraged

Who do you blame? Four perspectives on our role in social media anger. Which do you choose? Twitter Age, or twitter-rage? In the social media world, there is always someone else to blame. Yale University offers research that supports claims that we are being manipulated. Links below. Here are four perspectives, each with differing levelsContinue reading “Socially outraged”

Be nice – be happy

International day of Happiness Be nice – put the ‘phone away I started today with an apology. Having spent much of Saturday afternoon in moderately civil debate on twitter, I went to bed sad and irritated. I woke up in much the same mood, but forced myself to examine why that was. I found aContinue reading “Be nice – be happy”

Let the seller beware

caveat venditor – let the seller beware There have been some notable u-turns this week and last. U-Turns by institutions normally too big to be easily persuaded to redirect based upon public opinion. We have Mars joining Coco-Cola and McDonalds in creating distance from Russia. We had an apology from Shell for buying cheap RussianContinue reading “Let the seller beware”


Too much, too Jung I had a therapy session today. First for a while. A tough week prompted a revisit with someone who knows my psychology well. All is fine, just a mental MOT. Plenty in the news to take in. All testing my resolve as I approach two years in full lockdown. My psychologyContinue reading “Psycho-analytics”

Appraisals of leadership

Weaponised words I found myself living angrily this week. Angry at the realities of leadership that is evidently serving itself. I try hard to maintain a network diverse enough not to be an echo chamber. I now find myself doubting whether my LinkedIn commentary this week has been constructive. Particularly that aimed directly at leadership.Continue reading “Appraisals of leadership”

Leading by example

Winning hearts and minds We are about to turn a European country into a guerrilla buffer zone. That seems to be the (lack of) plan. Pretty despicable by all sides, and the worst-case outcome for Putin who I assume still favours that outcome to an overt NATO alliance war. SWIFT may be a symbollic gesture.Continue reading “Leading by example”

History repeating

Standing up for truth My heart hurts for the innocent this evening. But if I’m honest, what I think I really feel is fear. Anxiety based upon a bursting of assumption. Assumption that tragedy of war only befalls distant shores. I’m in awe of the bravery of the peoples of Ukraine tonight. And those inContinue reading “History repeating”

Is less, more?

Measures, posts, and perspectives I find myself writing offline with some regularity in early 2022. My daily blogging habit was intentionally broken over Christmas, but the faltering return was less planned. I have instead taken to being more active on LinkedIn again, or taking an idea from a discussion or lecture or journal and committingContinue reading “Is less, more?”

700 days…

No big blog. Just a note for my diary. 1.918 years. 23 months. 100 weeks. 700 days. With my better half now recipient of a fourth attempt at vaccination, we can but hope we are not counting days of lockdown for much more. Next milestone is 2 years. 13th March 2020-2022. Another season will beContinue reading “700 days…”

lockdown learning

Day 699… Tomorrow is perhaps a more poignant number to observe. But 699 is a more interesting number. An odd composite. A multiple of two distinct primes (3 and 233). 799 is also a composite prime. But I do hope I’m not contemplating the approach of another hundred day milestone after this one, but whoContinue reading “lockdown learning”

Tools of the trade

Form follows function “Form follows function” is a term I hear said with some regularity. What piqued my interest tonight was hearing it said in two very different settings. The first said in the context of construction (my day job); the second said in an introductory lecture as I begin studying neuroscience (my psychology MSc).Continue reading “Tools of the trade”

Environmental projects

How healthy is the planet? Let’s count the bison and beaver and see A rule of thumb measure we can all be asking our governments to show progress towards. As we ask what planetary initiatives are really being attended to in our name. Carly Vynne and co-authors have just published an open source research paperContinue reading “Environmental projects”

150 years old

Living longer – to do what? Dr. David Sinclair is at the leading edge of understanding, and possibly not only slowing but reversing the ageing process. I leave several links to podcasts and science papers at the end of this blog. Maybe you watched my recent 3 minutes response to a question of future-skilling forContinue reading “150 years old”

In the shadows

Neuroscience or psychoanalysis That seems to be the question at large for me this term. I have no idea where I’ll land between the two, or indeed if the two can be reconciled. But 21st Century neuroscience and early 20th Century ideas, earlier philosophical perspectives, all getting plenty of attention until May. I’ve plenty ofContinue reading “In the shadows”

Back on 25th Jan

It’s exam frenzy season here. Three subjects in three days, plus one more further exam the week after. Looking forward to regular posting on here again soon.

Home Alone

Festive thanks – offline for a few days Heartfelt thanks to everyone subscribing to my blog. Wishing you all the best of holiday breaks. And best wishes to friends old and new for supporting, sharing, engaging to make distances not so far in lockdown. And my wider network for all manner of project and psychologicalContinue reading “Home Alone”

Yule – 21st December

Welcoming the new light As power is handed from old, onto the new Oak King. Or the ushering in a new season of light, as the pagans celebrate morning. Germanic tribes of old would celebrate the Hunt. Traditions that signify prudence towards a winter growing bold. Moving green into the house. Bundled grain hung fromContinue reading “Yule – 21st December”

Good law project

More news here than in the news Quick blog to flag this project. A project that seems to be filling a gap in our visibility, addressing behaviours seemingly of importance to us all, and addressing questions of trust. {here}

49 not out

Birthday meeting today was strictly business 18th December It was all by the rules. My 49th birthday celebrated in the same manner as the year before. Let them eat cake. Because, as we all know, celebrating is a luxury event that is less important than saving lives. Just think: this time last year there wasContinue reading “49 not out”

100 posts

Time, cost, or quality Existence before essence. With over one hundred blogs offered I’m revisiting some basic principles of priority. The natural emergence of my blog topics seems to be me a key part of my process. I still have much to say. Much to read. Much to do. My research will carry me through.Continue reading “100 posts”

Covid-19 links

Media reporting is still woeful. So here are a few links to sites offering better insight. Links to data embedded in graphics {here} Dr John Campbell 5 min interview {here} Additional info for clinically vulnerable {here} KBO as Churchill would have said

Project Chatter #99

Time-bound intended change Podcast appearance here. My thanks to Project Chatter. And to Paul Goodge, who never disappoints. I like to think the thread of my argument is consistent. I like to think my research, consulting, and personal perspectives align. The shared discussion in this podcast was enlightening for me. I make no claims toContinue reading “Project Chatter #99”

Excuse my ignorance

Einstein’s curse My meditative practice this morning turned into a lingering abstraction over breakfast. A trap of thought I needed to write down in order to unwind. As a release of tension, or as indigestion. Both may suit. Consider this a musing. A diary entry or placeholder. A journal entry that escaped. That he wasContinue reading “Excuse my ignorance”


Being more via dialogue – through meaning The weekend starts here. Last weekend was all flu jabs and Moderna boosters, grumps and study deadlines looming. This weekend starts with new business about to begin, all university deadlines met with my best efforts offered, and a really enjoyable “riffing” session via Project Chatter today (recorded episodeContinue reading “Dialogos”

Extremely vulnerable please heed this

Vaccination is not guaranteed protection Not my story. Not my newspaper. But it is the warning no one seems to want to know. Here Check whether you are protected. Don’t assume. Maybe Boris can address this 300,000+ people problem…

Something for the weekend

Moderna and flu cocktail – that’ll do A few quiet days post vaccines is a minimal price to pay for some added protection in casa Beardall. Essay writing and research limping along. Here is one part of a question (with only 750 words permitted) which seems nicely appropriate, all things considered: Steven travels a shortContinue reading “Something for the weekend”

Dialogue in writing

The privileged few There is a rarified privilege to be had when in dialogue with the dead. Much as there is rarer still notion of talking to those yet to be born. The written word offers that communication chance.

My Smartphone’s iHuman

Don’t look down 5 hours today. That’s how much time I spent on my iPhone. 30 minutes timing my meditation and preps. 90 minutes tonight listening / watching YouTube videos for study. 30 minutes of standing idle (still on never lock). 60 minutes in notes (including this one). 90 minutes networking and communication. Pretty standardContinue reading “My Smartphone’s iHuman”

Mentally healthy

What’s going on in there? ‘tis the season to be jolly. La la la la … meh Depressions can build to breaking point this time of year. Our tree went up yesterday but it did little to lift my cheer. I reminded myself of some basics tonight, and have opted to link to the resourcesContinue reading “Mentally healthy”

A weekend short story

Peace in our time A weekend blog. A short-story fiction of sorts. In my leisure time I consider Arthur C Clarke wrote some of the best. I think his legacy is safe… It seems to me that a universal truth holds. That when explorers set forth into the unknown – enabled by advancements in civilisationContinue reading “A weekend short story”


History repeating I wanted to research Thanksgiving with some depth tonight, but I’m midway through an university experiment write-up that is not going to thank itself. So, here’s the best resource I found as I worked through the many 400 year anniversary tributes. {here} I will confess to finding the underlying sentiment more worthy ofContinue reading “1621”

Read what I say

Cognitive Psychology – language forum week 2 Is written word and what is heard cognitively comparable in any way? This is a question I’m offering to my forum to unpack this week. Generating spoken word This week our cognitive psychology is exploring word production in verbal exchange. We are marvelling at the speed of theContinue reading “Read what I say”

Daily meds

A daytime moon. My unblue moon A blog to present a glimpse of 12 minutes of my day. A metta[1] start to the day for me.  I performed this practice “eyes open”. I now know this to be a less unusual practice than I had thought (see this article). But this morning was my firstContinue reading “Daily meds”

Mind your language (part 3)

Part 3, wider observations Children learn to understand speech and engage in speech themselves very easily (in most instances) simply through mere exposure. However, visual word recognition is something that begins with the child being explicitly taught the symbols (e.g., letters…and eventually words) that will later be recognized. Given that these statements are true, whatContinue reading “Mind your language (part 3)”

PhD and me

Beginnings of a parallel project PhD and me. I’m adding this category to my blog series. Not that I feel any expertise to yet share. But that’s the point, perhaps. This is a journey from novice beginnings… What is the reality of preparing for a PhD? What does naïve look like in a middle-aged man?Continue reading “PhD and me”


In Flanders’ fields the poppies blow… Royal British Legion – Remembrance in their words The poem that inspired the wearing of the poppy In Flanders Fields In Flanders’ fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place: and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below. WeContinue reading “Remembrance”


What’s the last best thing you read? Write about why you loved it, or why it stuck with you. Medium is a blog site. They have just started a writing hour, where you just log on to sit with other writers, each silently at their craft. Options are made available as a response to aContinue reading “@Medium”

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