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Change – it is all that we do…

I am on a mission of change. This website hosts my perspectives on change – and why I consider all intended change as a project.

We are all project orientated – intent on change. It is what makes the human condition unique. Every project we interface with, but fail to see, reveals risk – as conflicting goals.

What follows is an ongoing enquiry. Can our modelling of projects be linked, to better guide all scales of intended change?

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October 2021


MSc Dissertation

Making sense

Sensemaking – a contemporary reminder of the importance of culture, context, and creative thought when making sense of human interactions

Living without free will

Biology, behaviourism, control v | b | t This is a completely different argument of how behaviour can be addressed. It sits in conflict to the ordering of cause and effect I have reflected upon elsewhere. Visibility of this difference an important part of future assessment needs. As an address of behaviour however, it hasContinue reading “Living without free will”

Show and tell

A trickster mask unpacked This is how I created the Trickster image that ends each of my blog entries. I also share some other work to emerge from the same learning journey this represents. I do more than just work and research from my desk… There is a dabble of psychology here. A reflection uponContinue reading “Show and tell”

Bad attitude

attitude is a hypothetical construct but offers one perspective towards behavioural assessment


Flow – from Csikszentmihalyi to Vervaeke – and what our projects can learn from both

Em-pathetic leadership

Is empathy the first leadership quality to nurture in us all? In this blog, I argue that both misery and empathy love company. But that does not mean the Company should blindly love more empathy, or assume misery is therein opposed. This blog is inspired by a response I posted on LinkedIn this weekend. AimedContinue reading “Em-pathetic leadership”

The road ahead

Let’s hope for driverless cars, if these are our choices A critique of Keir Starmer’s vision of where Labour is headed under his leadership. I love a good essay. Once the most eloquent way to present an account. A reasoned version of a truth. Some of the most captivating narratives of the English speaking worldContinue reading “The road ahead”

Being more integrated

A basic comparison of similar domestic projects to introduce how to question the control framework to project need.

Everyone fails

Every headline proves it The human condition gives us a choice. A means to weigh up options. A means to keep to our task or allow the constant distractions move us to the next. This is not unique. Any animal reacts to its external situation, if it is to survive to enjoy the next mealContinue reading “Everyone fails”

Crazy horse or smart ass?

Being more present requires us to be adaptable. Roles can be defined but just having a role is not the same as being a part. Be available to do the work, and invested in ensuring what is needed can be done. Be situationally aware, so able to show the shared achievement. not just the effort you put in.

No project is an island

A project as “Time-bound intended change“ I am attempting to find a way to link projects across a wider (the widest possible) spectrum of application. To include projects from more than just the organisational and commercial parameters we generally have in mind. How often have project discussion found their respective experts at cross-purposes when inContinue reading “No project is an island”

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