Home Alone

Festive thanks – offline for a few days Heartfelt thanks to everyone subscribing to my blog. Wishing you all the best of holiday breaks. And best wishes to friends old…

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Good law project

More news here than in the news Quick blog to flag this project. A project that seems to be filling a gap in our visibility, addressing behaviours seemingly of importance…

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49 not out

Birthday meeting today was strictly business 18th December It was all by the rules. My 49th birthday celebrated in the same manner as the year before. Let them eat cake.…

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the lockdown library

Hi, I am Warren. Mid-life, midway through a career, beginning a research project on projects. Trying to find a middle way. These blogs are glimpses of this journey. In near real time, and mid-thought. Running projects in parallel, in series, adaptable but with a clear goal. Can we have singular truth in our projects?

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