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Random invites

Three reasons random invites fail, and why you should be worried if they succeed… This blog is prompted by a noted increase in the number of random invite connections received…

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Coaching more…

“…are your people empowered to spot quality issues, and the conditions that breed them, and speak up…?” Dave Stitt (2022) “Coach for results” A blog to briefly congratulate Dave Stitt…

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PhD and lucky me

My application story – first time lucky 🍀 A blog summary of what the PhD application process looked like for me. I promised a little more detail on the application…

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Examining the wood from the trees Odd to think that in a few hours my attention will change so profoundly. As regular as this change is, I doubt I’ve ever…

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the lockdown library

Hi, I am Warren. Mid-life, midway through a career, beginning a research project on projects. Trying to find a middle way. These blogs are glimpses of this journey. In near real time, and mid-thought. Running projects in parallel, in series, adaptable but with a clear goal. Can we have singular truth in our projects?

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