Welcome to projects | within projects. This page will offer some introductory context of both the research nature of this website and it’s author.

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My project why

I have observed that we all tend to speak of projects based upon our own intended outcomes.

This negatively impacts shared endeavour, by redirecting attention toward these external intentions of project actors.

I am proposing we address this directly.  As a threat to project success.  If we can be precise about why this arises, we will have new ways to avoid this threat.[1]

My project how

presented below as project aim | process | intended change [2]

Project aim

Presenting my ongoing journey as I sit between both industry and academic enquiry in posing this question.

Project process

Visibility. Increased visibility by presenting my on-going research into project theory

Behaviour. Sharing my research observations in near real time via a daily blog, occasional essay, and infrequent academically accredited original research.

Trust. Application of industry know-how and academic thinking, and encouraging feedback to influence and be influenced by you.

Intended change

Visibility. Providing a window into to my research methodology and findings (visibility)

Behaviour. Being more present to the communities of project management and psychology (behaviour)

Trust. Connect with others seek also intent on being active in to finding a positive project change (trust via shared project goals).

This website is an ongoing account of this research.


[1]   Aon Feedback Model.  I thank my management training at Aon for this structure of feedback. Originally intended for one-2-one internal discussions but universally useful.  Originally outlined as “The observed item; the explanation of its impact; the suggested change (see, say, pause, suggested change)

[2} Adapted from the mantra of my dear friend and business associate John McVeigh “purpose, process, outcome”. Words he lives by, as now do I.