Warren Beardall MSc MIRM

Project risk | applied research | creating space for data

I am a little late returning from a university gap year. Nearly 25 years late in fact. Graduation in 1994, twenty-five years in and around construction from the vantage point of risk and insurance. Projects orientated around complexity and senior debt financing. Construction of both economic and social infrastructure, and power generation. Due diligence, advisory, C-suite consulting, facilitative workshops addressing risk and processes of internal control.

My feet stand in two camps
  • One DM boot now back in academia. PhD 2022-2026 full time “How can differences in intentions inform governance approaches and reduce threat of conflict in inter-organisational projects?”
  • One construction boot in consulting (professional services risk; construction; project risk)
  • Each foot strategically placed to inform an ongoing cross-discipline enquiry into the why of project failure and the how of what needs to change.

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