3 years of Covid-19 shielding (the clinically severely vulnerable)

In our house, lockdown moves into year 4 today. Covid-19 remains a clear and present threat to those people who remain clinically severely vulnerable (CSV). After so long forgotten, it’s now just life as we know it. My wife remains safe and well. Thanks to caution: plus a large amount of good fortune, good family, and lucky timing.

We are not being overcautious. Government priority was never about saving the vulnerable {here}, nor is there any suggestion this has changed. Vaccines do not work on most people with underlying auto-immune-suppression. We are therefore not alone in this concern: [1] 500,000 people are directly affected {here}; [2] HMGov’s own scientific advisers estimate 1.2 million people (including family) are still shielding from Covid19. We are being appropriately cautious, like 1.2 million other people in the UK.

“frantic talks were held between Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, the prime minister, the Bank of England governor, HSBC bosses and civil servants”

BBC – Silicon Valley Bank

…on the plus side, government found means to save the collapse of another bank over the weekend just gone. So, we can be sure there is capability to do what is needed – its just a question of priority. That’s something – I suppose. HMGov just cannot find reason to buy the Evusheld drugs or reach out to give support to those that might need it. All 1.2 million of us.

If you see HMGov, or their pocketed media loan-merchants, tell them it is okay to forget us again for a few months more. It is not like we are going anywhere.