Moderna and flu cocktail – that’ll do

A few quiet days post vaccines is a minimal price to pay for some added protection in casa Beardall. Essay writing and research limping along. Here is one part of a question (with only 750 words permitted) which seems nicely appropriate, all things considered:

Steven travels a short distance to a shop and then realises he doesn’t have a face mask, although current guidelines state that it is compulsory to wear in the shop. He feels a strong uncomfortable tension between going inside anyway and returning home to get a mask, but eventually he decides to go inside anyway. Subsequently he decides to stop wearing masks so often and does not feel bad about it. Use social psychology theory to explain to Steven why he might feel and behave this way.

Ongoing essay

I will blog about this at a later date, because the wider subject matter here is fascinating and relevant to much besides. I would not give it justice today. Plus, I suspect it would be bad form to present too much on live and graded homework.

Instead, a little mindfulness share. Day 6 of advent, and this note is one of those I remember through the year and seems to grow in resonance each advent.

Think of all that has brought this to your plate

With jabs and fevers on the wain, maybe I’m started to feel a hint of Christmas. Back with more cheer tomorrow.

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