Is nature turning our way?

Here is an excellent summary of current guess work regarding the soon to be globally dominant variant of SARS-Covid 19. This is Dr. John Campbell again, making good use of the scientific community to reflect on immediate knowns and unknowns. In summary

  • follow all guidelines of hygiene, ventilation, and masks
  • get vaccinated – and get your booster
  • expect high levels of infection anyway
  • hope the best guesses of the science community are correct – that higher transmissibility but milder symptoms overall mean immunity starts to look more manageable soon.

Watch the link I attached for the more technical and expert view.


A footnote

I am suddenly reminded of the War of Worlds ending. HG Wells, 1897. Plus The Matrix observation that suggests we humans behave more like a virus than we do other animals. If this virus wants to co-exist its going to have to find a way to keep us healthy – maybe omicron is that move. Seems a reasonable message from the planet to us too.

Did you know mega comes from omega, to mean large? In Ancient Greek, omega and omicron both sounded the same when spoken, but the letters O, o (omicron) and Ω, ω (omega) represented small and large, respectively (source here). Perhaps our earth crisis is our omega yet to face, once our omicron is resolved.

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