No antibodies detected

My immuno-suppressed wife gets to stay home some more – as therefore do I. In summary, vaccination is not assurance of immunity. And casa Beardall remains a lockdown zone – day 642

We can confirm that COVID-19 specific Antibodies against SARS-COV-2 – WERE NOT DETECTED.
The sample linked to C-602 was recorded as being NEGATIVE.
REF: ************
A negative result means that no antibodies were detected which specifically bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (original variant)

Email we received today

The news we had hoped not to receive. But news we had prepared ourselves for. This was after a third full vaccination. One month ago. Note we can only test for antibodies (not T-Cells).

1 in 10 people are estimated to be have no positive response!!!

The Omicron world moves on. Boosters seem more important than ever. If you have any trust in science to be reported factually then you should read the disclaimer that was offered with our news. Because this is reporting normal response – meaning you.

Here are reasons we were offered for no positive antibody response (which I think need to be updated for third dose and booster)

  • It can occur if sampled too soon after a vaccine is given. (Sample no earlier than 2 weeks*, optimally >3 weeks sometimes longer).
  • If a response to a vaccine is very poor.
  • Only one vaccine was given, (NB An additional dose can significantly increase the outcome).
  • The recipient is over 65.
  • The patient is immunosuppressed.
  • The patient had an underlying medical condition.

The email goes on to advise that not everyone produces spike antibodies in response to a vaccine or infection. The key statement though, I highlight in quotations below:

We know from efficacy studies conducted by the companies that manufacture the vaccines, that the vaccine will not be successful for around 1 in 10 people who receive both doses of the vaccine. Immunosuppressed individuals are usually excluded from efficacy data, as well as other vulnerable groups.

Test lab email information

The email concludes with a suggesting to retest regularly to confirm status. Which seems sound business advice when charging per test.

v | b | t

Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Don’t get complacent.

I think these observations are obvious but it is easy enough to consider your environment and make your own assessment of risk.

visibility | b | t

Be aware. Vaccination is lower risk, not risk free.

v | behaviour | t

Be vigilant and cautious. You have control of your own space, but have in mind the rest. Be aware of the basics. Be aware of those less aware, less considerate, or belligerently defiant. Mask wearing is the easiest means to determine attitude.

v | b | trust

Be responsible for your own actions and safety. Use visibility and behaviour to warrant trust afforded everyone else.

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