Being more, not having more

Here’s a little psychological trick to prompt a cheerier mood.

When something or someone important is about to arrive, it is the advent of this arrival we are experiencing. In itself therefore, advent is a reflection upon change. A state of being, becoming something new. This concept is completely scalable, to make it more meaningful to you.

I struggle with the commercialism of Christmas. Once warmed by the spirit of the Christmas season, I tend to be more thoughtful to what it can instead represent beyond faith or materialism. So here I present my first day of the advent calendar, with a nod to perspectives that makes most sense to me.

Be attentive to what goes into a moment

Being loving – and taking a moment to be thankful for all that entails.

My wife and I met nearly 30 years ago. She is so thoughtful. And organised. She bakes great mince-pies (and knows my taste in chocolate)…

She presented me a wonderful gift in 2019. An advent jar. Containing a little mindfulness message each day.

A little mix

Approaching the advent, mindfully

Below is the message from that first mindfulness advent message. I re-ordered and numbered each re-useable message – an old self thinking of my future self. I can read each daily message with some semblance of order that make the most sense to me. In this first message, keeping perspective on tasks is a great message to kick-off the month.

To have too many jobs vs to be focused

Tree Beardall

It takes me about a week to warm-up to the idea of Christmas. I am the Grinch in November, and possibly early December.

My own house rule is that I can only consume Christmas foods once the Christmas Tree is up. That helps shift my mindset the right way – even if under duress. This year, our tree went up on Saturday 27th November…

Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas? Not quite, but getting there… …mindfully.

v | b | t

That’s a little window (visibility) into how I start early to get to Christmas in good cheer. Psychologically, this is pre-emptive behavioural change to induce attitude change. The current self trusting in a prior known process, and encouraging the advent of my festive self… (or is that the Festive Elf?).

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