Welcoming the new light

As power is handed from old, onto the new Oak King. Or the ushering in a new season of light, as the pagans celebrate morning. Germanic tribes of old would celebrate the Hunt. Traditions that signify prudence towards a winter growing bold. Moving green into the house. Bundled grain hung from trees to feed animals in the cold. Traditions handing routine to ritual to protect all whilst looking toward the new year.

Stonehenge (via English Heritage Twitter feed)

Tradition and custom that comes from the predictable nature of change. One factor amidst many that enabled human projects to thrive year upon year. With planning around seasons giving opportunity to settle and specialise.

It’s easy to think this is how it’s always been. To consider traditions antiquated, mystical, and strange. But all indications now are these days, which have lasted 10,000 years, may be coming towards their long predicted end. As CO2 increases so does the weather range. Climates warming, are climates in change. This is the decade – now two years in – we can make reparations, or choose not to make amends.

What will future versions of us make of the traditions we have commandeered? Will tradition itself be a mystery? Coveted, regretted, no longer valid guides to be adhered. Mother Earth, once the silent predictable friend, less known and now more feared.