Out on a limb

A little context of why this blog and website was launched in 2021.

As I update this blog-intro in September 2023 (first written in August 2021) my life has never been better. I am a PhD student, fulfilling aspirations of academic interest I had buried so deep as to have been forgot. Mental health demanded I revisit my life goals in 2019. I am over that now – I have rediscovered myself – and this blog-site started out as an outcome of that. I now sit more comfortably out on a limb, looking at problems differently. In many respects, my PhD journey began here.

I am now proud to share my story. The transformation was hard won and life changing. It has brought my career focus within project risk into new context. It has created an academic interest in project theory, people management and leadership, qualitative and quantitative analytical methods. I had to learn more about myself, via psychology and cognitive science. Serendipity has brought these subjects into one view. This perspective is now offered to you.

In this blog, whilst I do share my experiences with mental health and discuss various projects that have shaped my life. Mostly however, I am sharing perspectives on projects (see links to categories and tags)

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