What’s going on in there?

‘tis the season to be jolly. La la la la … meh

Depressions can build to breaking point this time of year. Our tree went up yesterday but it did little to lift my cheer. I reminded myself of some basics tonight, and have opted to link to the resources here.

I’m doing fine. But I know how willingly I stayed blind. It’s an open mind that learns more. It’s a depressed mind that knows this best, and does everything to not want to know. I’ve been there. But in knowing, I have ways and means these days.

Here’s a few links to explain the brain processes involved. I’m not qualified to make more informed comment. At least not yet. Although experience perhaps counts too.

Khan Academy showing brain areas of note
Dirty Medicine explaining depression types and how medication helps
Dr. Robert Sapolsky explaining all, in detail and in plain English

Keep an open mind to keeping a healthy mind. Talk. Find expert help. Rebuild.

Action today gifts a better tomorrow.

Congratulations! You’ve just made it through the first step. And it’s not even December yet…