History repeating

I wanted to research Thanksgiving with some depth tonight, but I’m midway through an university experiment write-up that is not going to thank itself. So, here’s the best resource I found as I worked through the many 400 year anniversary tributes. {here}

I will confess to finding the underlying sentiment more worthy of celebrating than the contemporary norm. A story of two bands of cultures, with nothing shared but need of mutual help from common threats. Both peoples seeking peaceful means to be. Neither understanding the other but both using social skills to build relationships with mutual support in mind. And not a turkey to be seen anywhere.

Meanwhile in 1621 Europe much trouble is brewing still. Catholic and Protestant wars on the continent rage on. The high seas are full of privateering awash with plunders of ill-gotten silver and gold. These are chaotic times, amid bouts of famine, wars, and plague. Plenty of reasons to be risking all to find a life anew. Many more ships will soon be bringing these old politics to new shores.

Wishing all who give Thanks today a peaceful few days. Plenty of contemporary need for that moment of community spirit – between very different peoples – if we are to make headway into thanks for the next 400 years…

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