Anyone remember that Covid-19 thing?

I’ve just spent an evening with Dr. John Campbell. This is a brief blog to offer a few headlines worth checking out from sources you trust.

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Given the lack of press attention it would be easy to think all was now fine. Well, with minimum enquiry the data is still easily found. Here are some headline graphics (links to the data source embedded if other info is desired)

Which appears to be a glimmer of hope and perhaps not headline news. BUT:

  • whose reporting the worrying case load raise in a few pockets of Europe? And why no questions asking what that means for travel?
Specific spiking European countries
  • what happened about the Wolverhampton 43,000 cases of mishandled testing? BBC BMJ 15th Oct
  • why has the Pfizer whistle-blower story not made headline news? BMJ 2nd Nov

Thankfully, the data is still readily available to review, even if the media have decided to move on.

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Social interventions. My psychology readings are indicating that the motivations of people are best orientated around self-determination. Persuasions best aimed at doing the right thing with internal will, not enforced via external carrot and stick demand. So what to make of the Austrian situation this week? Fines of EUR1,500 if the unvaccinated in the population are found to have broken lockdown. BBC. Here is the data showing their worsening situation (interactive link attached below).

Austria fear their hospital system is about to be overwhelmed

Testing questions. I am still struggling to understand the lack of publicity of the Pfizer revelations in the whistle-blower story in the BMJ. Much as I blogged about the Wolverhampton story a month ago this looks to be a classic case of inadequate control systems going unnoticed and largely ignored as governance, intervention, or news. This is not to say vaccines are being questioned. Not at all. The UK case demonstrates a levelled off position and nothing I have read suggests anything but support toward greater vaccination effort everywhere. cf. Dr John Campbell. But that is not to excuse specific breaches of protocols, as being reported with professional candour by the BMJ.

No herd immunity? However, there is more story unfolding now too. It seems herd immunity is not expected anytime soon. This YouTube link explains this better than I could hope to do. Dr John Campbell is a go-to source of sensible analysis. I also loved this response to FaceBook fact-check…and the insights into vitamin D.

v | b | trust

Having spent an evening updating my understanding of existing and new C-19 issues – matters that impact my family – I am reminded of the premise of trust. And how trust is hard won, and easily lost. Plenty to ponder on in considering why some of these high quality medically backed stories sit so low in the interest of the news.

We live in a society of distrust and high blame. Best to remember what motivates those advising and informing. And make your own enquiry from there.

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