How automated are your emergency systems?

This is a brief blog – I am in the middle of a three hour lecture frenzy – but here’s an interesting diagram to revisit in a projects context.

Gate control theory (Melzack and Wall 1965, 1988)

In explaining how specific touch fibres interact, Ronald Melzack and Patrick D Wall presented a gate control theory which distinguished two systems of communication in relaying messages of touch to the brain. Depending on source of information a gateway mechanism determines whether to use the separate pain pathway. The pain pathway is believed to pre-date other touch based sensing pathways.

As I read this, and follow up the references, I have command and control type responses to project pain in mind. And how effective or otherwise gateway responses are at organisational or project level in emergent events preparedness.

One more model to chalk up as a comparable between the communication, cooperation, coordination, and competition challenges we face every day in our projects. To be continued…

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