Working with the tide, not against it

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Not every day has to be the same. Mindsets and moods are like tides of inspiration. Some days the ideas flood in.

Other days they lurk in what is left behind.

Yesterday was a good morning of open slot consulting time with a client. Individuals freely popping on-line for a chat, a coffee, a means to float ideas. A few hours around lunch for me – with the philosophy of Richard Rorty – contingency, irony, and solidarity – his arguments on truth seemingly undermining mine. Then an hour’s chatting to an old mate, before my battery went flat. As did my ‘phone. Then some essay writing for real, reworked, new text to find in some quiet time.

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My honesty with me reveals so much more this way. No building pressures to feel compelled to fight against a tide. Able to predict and understand. Waiting, and choosing my wave.

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Which all presents room for needs felt, even if not said. More visibility, making room for behaviours and needs. A trust built back by understanding and responding. Actively permitting and adapting.

Here now free to write uncompromising, unapologetic. Knowing what I feel. Another day with my truth.

Tomorrow is another day…another tide.