Every headline proves it

The human condition gives us a choice. A means to weigh up options. A means to keep to our task or allow the constant distractions move us to the next. This is not unique. Any animal reacts to its external situation, if it is to survive to enjoy the next meal – rather than be one.

Our privilege is how we have advanced this instinct. Combined it with a gift to imagine more. Not just react but to act. Noam Chomsky argues this is what elevated us into a different type of animal. One that could use imagery to foresee. Imagery that we could relate. In our groups to begin to gesticulate. Have others abstractly understand our intended meaning. Influence others by the symbols we used to reflect something else. Others in a group now able to ingest those symbols. Convert them into similar meaning and infer what the other has implied.

The imagery of one – becomes the understanding of two. Common interest in group safety, turning to cooperation, and communication of ideas not just one’s needs or dominance. In our pre-history this meant shared experience became our edge. Lessons learned by one successful hunting project could be taken to the next. Complexity of exchange encouraging noises to be added to gesticulation. The symbolism of mind, translated to the symbolic movement of our hands, and noise wrapped around tongues to share ever more complexity in new meaning. The rest, is our history.

When I read articles about one failure of one person in one shared project, I despair. Not of that personal failure. I despite of our acceptance that only one person is to blame. It seems to me rather obvious that it is our failure to better enact our gifts to be present in sharing our projects, cooperate by how we communicate, coordinate, and collaborate, that is to blame.

Apply that thought to the next witch hunt article you read

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