Applying knowledge not owning it

The lockdown library

I spend most of every day in my lockdown library. A store of owned knowledge.  Growing, courtesy of Oxfam’s fabulous array of second-hand books.  It is where I write, research, and ponder.  It is where I work, and (because of lockdown necessity) where I live.

However, I am trying to be a better representation of my craft.  Being an active participant in the development of knowledge, not simply having ownership in this room.

Last week was a moment of intentional change to my being. I launched “projects | within projects” as a repository of my structured thought.  A place people can visit, read summaries of what I am learning, and how I am trying to apply it to projects.  It connects you to my ongoing enquiry, and to my life.

I am being more visible.

I had 147 visitors to my website in this first week, and 230 views.  The dialogue it generated via LinkedIn is very encouraging. I am very grateful. I am already rewarded for attempting a more active mode.

This was a big step for me.  Stepping out of my comfortable surroundings, albeit digitally.  This becomes my more action orientated learning.  Applied learning.  My attempt at being a contributor to learning, not just a passive recipient.

My blog yesterday was about this difference.  Being not having.  To be present and active in a process. Introducing you to Erich Fromm. There is more to say on this in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for the support in my first week as a blogger.