Because we all have a serious side…

Hi, I’m Warren. This is what I actually look like now…it’s day 533 of lockdown in casa Beardall.

Welcome to my attempt at connecting to the global village. This site is about projects. Or more particularly how projects interact. How my project of necessary intervention became a clearer connection to other projects. And how I came to think that all projects of all kind can be used to understand everything we as human beings undertake, in our innumerable attempts at change.

Projects are all around us, they contain us, define us, divide us. Our personal projects of self improvement or survival. Our projects of shared endeavour. Our projects of organisation and optimisation. Projects as frameworks. Projects as process. Projects as “time-bound intended change”. My blogs, occasional essays, and very occasional academically accredited papers, are perspectives upon what connects them all. This website houses a few of my projects. It is of itself a project – framing my offer to influence and be influenced by you.

My day job, my academic research, my personal development, and my whole life journey, all now sit comfortably together. Each project a compliment to the next, and an inheritance of projects past. Some professional, some developmental, some as training to be more ready for the unknown, or anticipate and plan. Not all have directed me towards my goals. My aims have often been illogical or undefined. It was connecting them all that lead me here. And now, perhaps, they are connecting with yours.

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Hitting life’s middle with a bump. Revealing a little more from behind the mask. Proof that life turned upside-down is the right way up.

Late in finding a love for writing and journaling, researching, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, people management, qualitative and quantitative analytics, visualisation, graphic design (“The Trickster” was created in Visio Pro), and otherwise endless reasons to study. Read more

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