Motivation vs coercion

Shared goals, or carrots and sticks? This blog continues the examination motivation. Social psychological theories on how motivation determines behaviour. Self-determination theory presents the case for suboptimal impact of motives born from persuasion. Materials cited are sourced from: Ryan, RM., Deci, EI.  2000 “Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development and wellbeing”Continue reading “Motivation vs coercion”

Mind your language (part 3)

Part 3, wider observations Children learn to understand speech and engage in speech themselves very easily (in most instances) simply through mere exposure. However, visual word recognition is something that begins with the child being explicitly taught the symbols (e.g., letters…and eventually words) that will later be recognized. Given that these statements are true, whatContinue reading “Mind your language (part 3)”

Bad attitude

attitude is a hypothetical construct but offers one perspective towards behavioural assessment