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Keep the clinically vulnerable safe

Old news? Not party to the facts?

vulnerable please note…vaccine protection is not assured

Given the impending UK lockdown return and interim announcements today, it can surely only be a matter of time before someone finally starts warning the most vulnerable not to assume they are protected by the vaccine.

{Here} I am again linking the detailed account of one tragedy from misplaced assumptions of protection.

I am also repeating below a post I initially put on LinkedIn in the summer. PLEASE heed these warnings, and make sure those potentially effected are taking appropriate mitigating measures.

These recommendations landed on HM Government’s doorstep yesterday morning.

Recommendations – meaning they reflect what is not yet in place – including no meaningful guidance to the health professionals we are being directed to…

Presented today by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Vulnerable Groups to Pandemics. What I enclose below is part of the APPG letter, sent by Lord Mendelsohn to Nadine Dorries MP, as ministerial lead on vulnerable groups.

Your personal decision-making, and the decision-making being made on your behalf, should be cognisant of what this means in the here and now.

My LinkedIn post here

This is a matter of public record

All Party Parliamentary Group open letter to government (four months ago). Although their own website suggests little activity since.

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