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Perspective is everything

Less is more, more or less

I am in mid-flow with some college work but a break is as good as a rest, so a few quick factoids prompted by my doodling yesterday.

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100 billion stars in the Milky Way – one of 100 billion galaxies

1.4 billion insects for every person on Earth – population 7.8 billion

Bacteria species c. million – not the trillions once thought – yet we still know just 50,000 specie

86 billion neurones in a human brain – 7,000 connections per neurone

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We consider our projects to be complex, and the data processing demands ever increasing. However, complexities have travelled far before we even offer a thought to what connected us to anything we intend to change.

Perspective is everything…

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In psychology we are required to look beneath the mask. This blog series is attempting to unmask some hidden parts of projects to engender a more collaborative way.

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